Driver booster V11.3.0.43 License Key Free Latest 2024

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In the ever-evolving realm of computer maintenance and performance optimization, Driver Booster takes the lead as a trusted and comprehensive solution. This powerful software has cemented its reputation as the ultimate tool for ensuring your computer’s hardware drivers are up to date, unleashing enhanced system performance, and bolstering overall stability.

In this article, we present you with the key to unlock Driver Booster’s full potential – the latest License Key for 2024. These License Keys grant you unrestricted access to a wealth of premium features that facilitate hassle-free driver updates, safeguard your system, and enhance your computing experience. Explore how Driver Booster can revitalize your PC’s performance, and with these License Keys, do so with confidence in its reliability.

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What is Driver Booster?

Driver Booster is a software application developed by IObit that helps users keep their computer’s drivers up to date. Drivers are essential software components that allow hardware devices to communicate effectively with the operating system. However, over time, drivers can become outdated, leading to compatibility issues, performance problems, and even system crashes. Driver Booster scans the computer for outdated drivers and automatically downloads and installs the latest versions, ensuring that the hardware devices work optimally. It simplifies the driver update process, saving users time and effort. Additionally, Driver Booster offers features like driver backup, restore, and system optimization for improved performance.

Key Features of Driver Booster

Driver Booster offers several key features to enhance the driver update experience and improve system performance. Here are some of its notable features:

  1. Automatic Driver Updates: Driver Booster scans the computer for outdated drivers and automatically downloads and installs the latest versions. This saves users the hassle of manually searching for updates.
  2. Large Driver Database: The software has a vast driver database, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of hardware devices and components.
  3. Game Performance Enhancement: Driver Booster includes a Game Boost feature that optimizes system resources and enhances gaming performance by updating and installing necessary game components and drivers.
  4. Offline Driver Update: Driver Booster offers an Offline Driver Update feature, allowing users to update drivers even without an internet connection. This is useful for computers with limited or no internet access.
  5. Driver Backup and Restore: Before updating drivers, Driver Booster creates a backup of the existing drivers. This enables users to revert to previous versions if any compatibility issues arise.
  6. One-Click Fix: With just a single click, Driver Booster can fix common driver-related issues, such as audio crackling, network connectivity problems, and system errors.
  7. Scheduled Scans and Updates: Users can schedule automatic scans and driver updates at specific times to ensure their system remains up to date without manual intervention.
  8. System Optimization: Driver Booster offers additional system optimization tools to enhance overall performance, such as disk defragmentation and cleaning unnecessary files.
  9. Silent Mode: Silent Mode prevents interruptions during gaming or fullscreen activities by suppressing notifications and pop-ups while running in the background.
  10. User-Friendly Interface: The software features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and perform driver updates and optimizations.

What’s new in Driver Booster?

  • Continuously expanded database to support more new hardware driver updates
  • Optimized the program update for better stability
  • Some UI improvements
  • Fixed known bugs

Benefits of having Driver booster License Key

Having a Driver Booster License Key offers several benefits that enhance your computer’s performance, security, and overall user experience. Here are the key advantages:

  1. Full Access to Premium Features: A Driver Booster License Key unlocks all premium features of the software, providing you with unrestricted access to its advanced capabilities for driver management and system optimization.
  2. Automatic Driver Updates: With a License Key, Driver Booster can automatically scan your system for outdated or missing drivers and update them with the latest manufacturer-recommended versions. This ensures that your hardware components work at their best.
  3. Enhanced System Stability: Outdated drivers can lead to system crashes, errors, and hardware malfunctions. A License Key allows you to maintain up-to-date drivers, promoting system stability and reliability.
  4. Faster System Performance: Updated drivers can improve your computer’s overall performance, speed, and responsiveness. By using a License Key, you can ensure that your hardware operates efficiently.
  5. Time and Effort Savings: Manual driver updates can be time-consuming and error-prone. With a License Key, Driver Booster automates the process, saving you time and reducing the risk of installing incorrect or incompatible drivers.
  6. Large Driver Database: Driver Booster offers a vast database of drivers for various hardware components, ensuring that even less common devices are supported and can be updated.
  7. Backup and Restore: A License Key enables you to create backups of existing drivers before updating them. This ensures that you can revert to a previous version if a driver update causes compatibility issues.
  8. Safe and Secure Updates: Driver Booster sources drivers from official manufacturer websites, reducing the risk of downloading drivers with malware or other security threats.
  9. Scheduled Scans and Updates: With a License Key, you can set up scheduled scans and driver updates, allowing Driver Booster to keep your drivers current automatically, even when you’re not actively using your computer.
  10. Driver Rollback: In case an updated driver causes problems, a License Key lets you roll back to the previous driver version, minimizing disruptions and issues.
  11. Improved Gaming Experience: Updated graphics and audio drivers can enhance your gaming experience by providing better graphics performance and audio quality.
  12. Optimized System Resources: Driver Booster uses minimal system resources during scans and updates, ensuring that it doesn’t slow down your computer while running in the background.
  13. Compatibility with Various Windows Versions: Driver Booster is compatible with various Windows operating systems, including Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP. A License Key ensures you can use it on your preferred Windows version.
  14. Technical Support: License Key holders often have access to technical support from the software developer, IObit. This support can assist with any software-related issues or inquiries.
  15. Regular Software Updates: A License Key ensures you receive timely updates for the Driver Booster software itself, including new features, enhancements, and improvements.
  16. Cost Savings: Purchasing a Driver Booster License Key is often more cost-effective than hiring a professional technician to manually update drivers or dealing with the costs of hardware issues caused by outdated drivers.

List of Driver Booster License Keys [Updated-Sunday, 17 March 2024]

  • New Key: 065D9-9B7B9-4995C-BFF4A (Expiry- May 02, 2024)
  • #Key 1: A0A16-20282-80DE4-0664A (Expiry- April 04, 2024)
  • #Key 3: 5BA57-82B0B-1AA25-C3540 (Expiry- June 10, 2024)
  • #Key 4: 07CB7-C38C6-5B122-05440 (Expiry- April 11, 2024)
  • #Key 5: 4A833-0FF38-A2F7E-42840  (Expiry- April 04, 2024)
  • #Key 6: 344F3-D086F-EF7AD-8FA40 (Expiry- April 04, 2024)
  • #Key 7: 40BAA-6EA71-D39F1-A1540 (Expiry- Mar 01, 2024)
  • 84874-0B0E0-F3C31-CD6BA
  • 098EA-11077-3B1ED-14BBA
  • 4URFO-94O8R-FO9IF-O998R-U87EU
  • F5C32-0F572-0EAC3-6BD4A

Driver Booster V11.3.0.43 License Keys [Updated List]

  • 92909-C76CB-E8C6A-E5E4A
  • E3C3B-F91D5-86305-5B7BA
  • KXBOK-DZ554-8XSXI-RR257
  • 1ITNC-02G03-CJY7Y-P8NM6
  • KDZ55-48XSX-IRR25-71ITN
  • C02G0-3CJY7-YP8NM-6T5VY

Driver Booster Serial Keys [Latest]

  • 2ZBT9-8BGX8-9499M-NQQMV
  • E94PS-DL4DK-6N5V3-XJJ8K
  • N0ERN-G2887-B0V0L-UU58A
  • 4LWQF-35J36-FM1A1-SBQP9
  • P8SEZ-AMZ55-9PX5R-EV6M4

Driver Booster Product Keys [Free]

  • 3474T-ZAMTQ-Q725Z-UHL35
  • 4A833-0FF38-A2F7E-42840
  • 344F3-D086F-EF7AD-8FA40
  • 19AF0-E05BA-7613D-A2F40
  • EC714-E8FD8-CCB79-19140
  • 3326C-4EAD0-A9290-EB740
  • 7A4A7-27FA2-BBDDB-CBE40′
  • 67314-06F5B-1061F-55EB0
  • 75B6C-62FB7-3A9A3-69740
  • 633AE-5926A-BB504-ED840
  • 2A29E-63305-B3A85-09240
  • C6A5E-A64EC-C6FA8-C4140
  • 885C5-CFB5A-C678C-96D40

New Driver Booster 10 License Keys [Updated]

  • 3474T-ZAMTQ-Q725Z-UHL35
  • E94PS-DL4DK-6N5V3-XJJ8K
  • 2ZBT9-8BGX8-9499M-NQQMV
  • 885C5-CFB5A-C678C-96D40
  • 27KAA-56VKD-CA27F-8QCZ8
  • CUQH4-6CUE2-5TRMZ-F466N
  • 7FQR6-VK9PW-H8WH8-78XRX
  • P8SEZ-AMZ55-9PX5R-EV6M4

Driver Booster 10 Pro Activation Codes 2024

  • S7TGP-V3N5Z-6PMX3-E6Y5P
  • 7BLS2-58MFV-2VZLW-CC5B3
  • D65VB-XT378-9SWX3-28RSG

New Driver Booster Pro 10 Free License

  • E94PS-DL4DK-6N5V3-XJJ8K
  • P8SEZ-AMZ55-9PX5R-EV6M4
  • 2ZBT9-8BGX8-9499M-NQQMV
  • 7FQR6-VK9PW-H8WH8-78XRX

Driver Booster Pro Product Key [Free]

  • 3474T-ZAMTQ-Q725Z-UHL35
Driver booster License Key Free
Driver Booster License Key Free

How to Activate Driver Booster Pro?

To activate Driver Booster Pro and unlock its full features, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install Driver Booster: Download and install the Driver Booster software from the official website or a trusted source.
  2. Launch the Application: Open the Driver Booster application on your computer.
  3. Access the Activation Window: Look for the “Upgrade” or “Activate Now” button within the software interface. It is usually located in the top-right corner or under a dedicated “Upgrade” tab.
  4. Enter the License Key: If you have a valid license key, enter it in the provided field within the activation window. The license key is typically a series of letters and numbers.
  5. Click “Activate”: After entering the license key, click on the “Activate” or “Upgrade” button to initiate the activation process.
  6. Internet Connection: Ensure that your computer is connected to the internet during the activation process. This is necessary to verify and validate the license key.
  7. Activation Confirmation: Once the activation is successful, you will receive a confirmation message or notification indicating that Driver Booster Pro has been activated.
  8. Enjoy the Pro Features: After activation, you can now access and utilize all the advanced features and benefits offered by Driver Booster Pro.

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FAQs about Driver Booster Pro

1. Is Driver Booster Pro safe to use?

Yes, Driver Booster Pro is developed by IObit, a reputable software company, and is widely trusted by millions of users. It is recommended to download software from official sources to ensure safety.

2. Can Driver Booster Pro improve my computer’s performance?

Yes, Driver Booster Pro can enhance your computer’s performance by keeping your drivers up to date. Outdated or incompatible drivers can impact system performance, and updating them can optimize hardware functionality and overall system stability.

3. Does Driver Booster Pro support multiple devices?

Yes, Driver Booster Pro supports various devices. It can scan and update drivers for hardware components such as graphics cards, sound cards, network adapters, printers, and more.

4. Can I revert back to previous drivers if issues arise?

Yes, Driver Booster Pro allows you to create driver backups before updating. If any compatibility issues or problems occur after updating, you can easily restore the previous drivers using the backup files.

5. How often should I update my drivers with Driver Booster Pro?

Regular driver updates are recommended to maintain optimal performance and compatibility. With Driver Booster Pro, you can schedule automatic scans and updates, ensuring your drivers are always up to date.

6. Is customer support available for Driver Booster Pro?

Yes, IObit provides customer support for Driver Booster Pro. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact their support team through their official website.


Discover the power of Driver Booster V11.3.0.43 Pro License Key, the ultimate solution for updating outdated drivers on your PC. Packed with handy features, this software swiftly detects and resolves issues with drivers in a single click. Activate the Pro features and unlock your system’s full potential. Get the 100% working Iobit Driver Booster V11.3.0.43 Pro Free License Keys for 1 Year now and experience seamless driver updates. Elevate your PC performance today!


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