Windows XP Serial Key + Product Key 2024 [100% Working]

Window XP Serial Key + Product Key 2023 [100% Working]
Window XP Serial Key + Product Key 2023 [100% Working]

Windows XP, a widely popular operating system in its time, continues to be used by many individuals even today. However, as time progresses, it can become increasingly challenging to install or activate the software without a valid product key.

A product key for Windows XP is a unique code that ensures the authenticity of the software and grants access to all its features. In this article, we will provide you with a list of 100% working Free Windows XP Universal product keys for all editions in 2024.

Whether you are setting up Windows XP on a new computer or looking to reactivate an existing installation, having a proper understanding of the product key is crucial for a successful installation process. So, let us delve into the details and explore everything you need to know about Windows XP product keys.

What Is Window XP Product Key?

A Windows XP product key is a unique alphanumeric code used to activate and validate a copy of the Windows XP operating system. It serves as proof of ownership and allows users to unlock the full functionality of the software. The product key is typically required during the installation process or when activating Windows XP after installation.

It’s important to note that Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, and obtaining a legitimate product key for Windows XP may be challenging. Additionally, using unauthorized or counterfeit product keys is illegal and violates Microsoft’s software licensing terms.

If you still have a valid and legal copy of Windows XP and need to locate your product key, you can usually find it on the original installation disc sleeve or in the documentation that came with your copy of Windows XP. It may be a 25-character code consisting of a combination of letters and numbers.

Key Feature of Windows XP


Windows XP, released by Microsoft in 2001, introduced several key features that contributed to its popularity and widespread usage. Here are some of the notable features of Windows XP:

  1. User-friendly interface: Windows XP introduced the Luna theme, featuring a visually appealing interface with a blue taskbar and a green Start button. The Start menu provided easy access to programs, files, and settings, making it simple for users to navigate and manage their computers.
  2. Improved stability: Windows XP was known for its stability and reliability compared to its predecessors. It introduced enhanced error reporting and diagnostic tools, making it easier to identify and resolve system issues.
  3. Compatibility: Windows XP improved hardware compatibility, allowing users to easily install and use a wide range of devices and peripherals. It provided better driver support and compatibility with popular software applications.
  4. Enhanced multimedia capabilities: Windows XP introduced significant improvements in multimedia features. It included Windows Media Player 8, which offered enhanced playback capabilities for audio and video files. Windows XP also supported DVD playback, making it a popular choice for multimedia enthusiasts.
  5. Fast user switching: Windows XP introduced the ability to switch between user accounts without logging off, known as fast user switching. This feature was useful for shared computers or households with multiple users, allowing them to switch between accounts quickly and securely.
  6. Internet connectivity: Windows XP included built-in support for wireless networking, making it easier to connect to Wi-Fi networks. It also introduced Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) to enhance the security of internet connections.
  7. Remote Desktop: Windows XP Professional Edition introduced Remote Desktop functionality, allowing users to remotely access their computer or provide remote support. This feature was beneficial for businesses and IT professionals.
  8. System Restore: Windows XP introduced System Restore, a feature that enabled users to revert their system settings to a previous state in case of issues or errors. This feature provided an additional layer of protection against system failures and allowed users to recover their systems without losing data.
  9. Enhanced security: Windows XP introduced several security enhancements compared to previous Windows versions. It included Windows Security Center, which provided a centralized location to manage firewall settings, automatic updates, and antivirus software. Windows XP also introduced Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and improved user account control.
  10. Multiple language support: Windows XP introduced extensive language support, allowing users to switch the operating system’s display language to their preferred language.

Benefits of having Windows XP Product Keys

Having a valid Windows XP product key provided several benefits:

  1. Legitimate Use: With a valid product key, you could legally use Windows XP on your computer. The unauthorized use or distribution of Microsoft software is a violation of copyright laws and can lead to legal consequences.
  2. Full Access to Features: Activating Windows XP with a product key provided access to the complete set of features and functionalities of the operating system. Unactivated versions might have had limitations or restricted access to certain features.
  3. Regular Updates and Support: Activated copies of Windows XP received regular updates, including security patches and bug fixes. This helped ensure the operating system remained secure and stable.
  4. Software Compatibility: Some software and hardware vendors required a genuine Windows XP product key for their products to work properly. Having a legitimate product key allowed for better compatibility with various applications and peripherals.
  5. Personalization Options: Activation enabled users to personalize their Windows XP experience, such as setting a custom desktop background, changing themes, and configuring system settings.
  6. Microsoft Services Integration: Activated copies of Windows XP could integrate with certain Microsoft services, such as Windows Update and Windows Media Player, providing a more cohesive user experience.
  7. Offline Usage: Once activated, you could use Windows XP without an internet connection, which was beneficial for users in areas with limited or no internet access.
  8. Avoiding Counterfeit or Pirated Software: A genuine product key ensured that you were using an authentic version of Windows XP and not a potentially unsafe counterfeit or pirated copy.

Windows XP Product Keys For All Editions Updated [Updated Friday, 23 February 2024]

Windows XP Activation number [updated List]

  • Windows XP PRO Corporate serial number S/N: Key: MQPWW-PGVKX-YPMKG-8DH3G-KC8PW
  • Windows XP home edition serial number S/N: 034634-262024-171505-828316-729010-413531-800424-400442
  • Windows XP 64 serial number S/N: B2RBK-7KPT9-4JP6X-QQFWM-PJD6G
  • Windows XP serial number S/N: K6C2K-KY62K-DQR84-RD4QV-QB74Q
  • Windows XP Professional 64-bit Corporate Edition  S/N: VCFQD-V9FX9-46WVH-K3CD4-4J3JM
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 serial number S/N: YY8F2-3CKVQ-RKTRG-6JMDR-9DTG6
  • Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 sp1 serial number S/N: F46YY – 2R8VQ – R8GMY – 926VK – 6BQ73
  • Windows XP Pro serial number S/N: KBWR7-76BD8-J7MDQ-KKG&C-V9Q2J
  • Windows XP Professional Polish (Compilation 2600) serial number S/N: HRXTR-FKTCV-X8QCH-D7PTH-KYYPB
  • windows xp home home edition serial number S/N: v7bwd-g9yr6-9fg87-8q2hv-yjgtg
  • WINDOWS XP PRO SP2 Spanish serial number S/N: RHKG3-8YW4W-4RHJG-83M4Y-7X9GW
  • Windows XP Professionel serial number S/N: M8DPF-XT324-YBKK9-3VF8C-M2X78
  • windows xp professional 2002 serial number S/N: 55214-643-6215176-23079
  • Windows XP Home Edition serial number S/N: G7BR9-8QV29-3QFHP-F84WG-X9PYQ
  • WINDOWS XP HOME EDITION serial number S/N: 55372-OEM-0011903-00148
  • WINDOWS XP HOME EDITION serial number S/N: 55372-OEM-0011903-00148
  • Windows XP serial number S/N: 216601-009505-171906-713385-887224-774934-591725-010425
  • WINDOWS XP HOME EDITION serial number S/N: 55372-OEM-0011903-00148

Windows XP Professional serial number

  • WDGQX-WC2Y3-4R966-TK3H3-HXRB8
  • F6HQW-Q3799-9CJXR-9P3YD-6CJJ6
  • PXV3X-T8MP7-D3XFW-2327C-VPDQ8
  • BBY46-G888F-PKWW6-X4CVD-CGF43
  • QG4B8-96M7K-QB8PY-WH42C-KP6XJ
  • J2C8K-83GRM-269TM-RHW43-P7CDQ

Windows XP Product Keys Updated 2024 [Home Edition]

  • 4Q4YM-722FX-XTKJ6-7W7J4-RPKB8
  • 4VKT3-633QJ-27TRG-3823V-JF4CC
  • D4767-FJ689-XYPHK-7B7C8-QFVM6
  • P6M7V-33Q2M-6GR43-T8MYK-Y764G

Windows XP Serial Keys [32-bit Edition]

  • 23YU7-65RK0-HEVJK-SDAGI-OP265
  • T7C4Q-47VGM-R7J6B-VPJ84-JPJ93

Windows XP Product Keys [32-bit Edition]

  • M6TF9-8XQ2M-YQK9F-7TBB2-XGG88
  • C626F-H4CCJ-PWR8R-2RB9K-3G3HD
  • V2C47-MK7JD-3R89F-D2KXW-VPK3J

Windows XP Activation Keys [64-bit Edition]

  • B66VY-4D94T-TPPD4-43F72-8X4FY
  • DTWB2-VX8WY-FG8R3-X696T-66Y46
  • HH7VV-6P3G9-82TWK-QKJJ3-MXR96
  • DW87C-76RXP-LLK6C-3FJ2J-2908F

Windows XP Product Keys [SP3 VOL]:

  • F4297-RCWJP-P482C-YY23Y-XH8W3
  • HH7VV-6P3G9-82TWK-QKJJ3-MXR96

Windows XP Serial Keys [SP3 VLK]:


Windows XP Activation Keys [SP3]:

  • V2C47-MK7JD-3R89F-D2KXW-VPK3J
  • T7C4Q-47VGM-R7J6B-VPJ84-JPJ93
  • C626F-H4CCJ-PWR8R-2RB9K-3G3HD
  • J3GMD-RMM3Q-HKC62-TV8Y8-246Q3
  • 9HFGJ-KERJT-IOQ73-8YR78-93UT5
  • TQ23P-98R87-89340-83QOI-WEJF8
  • SJHGL-IUWRT-89023-48HR4–U4938
  • WHTKJL-RDHF8-7TG64-5ES42-76RY4
  • 23YU7-65RK0-HEVJK-SDAGI-OP265

Windows XP License Keys [SP2]

  • KLSDJ-FERIO-UT843-U8JF8-43Y84
  • DSHFG-8734Y-78927-4932J-FKJSD
  • FVHER-UIYT7-84358-93047-48294
  • 2307T-78436-YKJDF-SLHNV-JKSDH
  • 79Y5F-I34QY-65784-30UJR-DKSDG
  • OUI8W-Y3458-7934R-UREJG-KPWER
  • HIUWE-Y4I78-34U5T-98234-U782T


  • Q3R8Y-MP9KD-3M6KB-383YB-7PK9Q
  • KWT78-4D939-MRKK9-64W8C-CPF33
  • MQPD6-C748R-FMRV6-8C3QK-79THJ
  • DTWB2-VX8WY-FG8R3-X696T-66Y46
  • DW87C-76RXP-LLK6C-3FJ2J-2908F
Window XP Serial Key + Product Key 2023 [100% Working]
Window XP Serial Key + Product Key 2024 [100% Working]

How to Install Or  Activate Windows XP?

To activate or install Windows XP, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Obtain a valid Windows XP installation disc: You will need an original Windows XP installation disc with a valid product key. This can be obtained by purchasing a licensed copy from authorized retailers.
  2. Backup your data: Before installing or activating Windows XP, it is crucial to back up all your important files and data. This ensures that you have a copy of your data in case of any issues during the installation process.
  3. Insert the installation disc: Insert the Windows XP installation disc into your computer’s optical drive.
  4. Restart your computer: Restart your computer and make sure that the computer is set to boot from the optical drive. You may need to change the boot order in the computer’s BIOS settings to prioritize the optical drive as the boot device.
  5. Follow the installation prompts: Once your computer boots from the Windows XP installation disc, you will see a series of prompts guiding you through the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.
  6. Enter the product key: Enter the 25-character product key in the space provided. Make sure to type the exact characters from this page and click “Next” to proceed.
  7. Select the installation options: You will be asked to choose the installation options, such as the partition where you want to install Windows XP and the file system to use. Make your selections based on your preferences and system requirements.
  8. Complete the installation: Once you have made the necessary selections, continue with the installation process. Windows XP will copy files, install components, and configure your system. This may take some time, so be patient.
  9. Activate Windows XP: After the installation is complete, Windows XP will prompt you to activate the operating system. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate Windows XP using the valid product key. Activation typically requires an internet connection.
  10. Install drivers and updates: After activating Windows XP, you will need to install drivers for your hardware devices, such as graphics cards, sound cards, and printers. Additionally, make sure to install the latest Windows XP updates and patches to ensure system security and stability.

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Activating or installing Windows XP involves obtaining a valid installation disc with a product key, backing up your data, inserting the installation disc, following the installation prompts, entering the product key, selecting installation options, completing the installation, activating Windows XP, and installing drivers and updates.

It’s worth mentioning that Windows XP is an outdated operating system that is no longer supported by Microsoft. As a result, it may not be compatible with modern hardware and software, and it may pose security risks due to the lack of security updates. It is recommended to consider upgrading to a newer, supported operating system for better performance, compatibility, and security.

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